Saturday, July 2, 2011

For the love of books, write faster!

Ahem. Yes, anyway, there are a number of books I'm waiting for that come out in the second-half of the year.
Two of them are the conclusion of their series, which is awesome/exciting AND sad/heartbreaking. >_<

 Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George
I loved Jessica Day George's Dragon Slippers trilogy, so I am really looking forward to this.
It's been described by the publishers as "a mix of Home Alone and Hogwarts' Room of Requirement.", which sounds awesome!

Available from October 11, 2011.

  The Sending (Obernewtyn, book 7) by Isobelle Carmody.

As much as I love this series, Isobelle Carmody is possibly one of the most frustrating authors I've ever read, simply because you can't trust her release dates as far as you can throw them (which is nowhere, since they don't have any physical mass.)   

And now The Sending, which was meant to be the final book, will actually be the second to last book, with the conclusion to came out at some as-yet-unspecified date. 

The Sending is purported to be coming out November 8, 2011.

Goliath (Book 3 of the Leviathan Trilogy) by Scott Westerfeld

*Squee!* I can't wait for this to come out! I absolutely love the first two books, so I'm super excited!
Not only is it a fantastic story, but it also has incredible illustrations by Keith Thompson.
 But this awesome is mixed with sadness, Goliath is the last book. It all seems to be over too quickly!

Available from September 20, 2011.


Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle, book 4) by Christopher Paolini

This is the last of the Eragon books, which is a little sad but mostly awesome because I get to know how it ends. woo!

Available from November 8, 2011

 Cold Fire (Spiritwalker, book 2) by Kate Elliott

I got totally hooked on the first book, and it's always a good sign if my hands are glued to a book like they were to Cold Magic.
So I'm definitely looking forward to this sequel. Getting a little impatient, actually.

Available from September 26, 2011. 


  1. really nice post, Amy. I agree with what you've said about all the books but Cold Fire (just because I haven't read the first)

  2. your going to have lots of reading to do in a few months time :)
    & I feel exactly the same about the end of series